Breanna 2


Breanna Perry

We hope to honor all cancer fighters through our celebration of Breanna's bravery in her fight against cancer at our Kids Walk.​

Breanna Perry was diagnosed in August of 2018. The only signs that Breanna had was a bruise on her left knee and 3 red dots on the side of her neck. Breanna was admitted to the hospital and 2 days later started chemotherapy and we received the news that it was Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Breanna was hospitalized for 34 days where she ended up with low blood pressure, pancreatitis, and high blood sugar. Breanna has been through so much in her 10 years of life.

Through all this Breanna has remained brave and strong.  Breanna doesn’t complain about her treatments as she understands that she must go through this to get stronger.

Before cancer Breanna enjoyed spending time with her family traveling to theme parks and vacationing every summer in North Carolina where her dad is from.  Breann’s passion is drawing and reading.  It has been tough for Breanna getting back to her drawing and reading; however, she knows that one day she will be able to enjoy it again. Breanna has always been a sweet girl that enjoys time with her younger sister and cousins.  Even though Breanna is home school at the moment the one thing that Breanna misses the most is going to school to learn and enjoy her time with her friends.