Alejandro “Alex Power Ranger” Plascencia

We hope to honor all cancer survivors through our celebration of Alejandro's victory at our Kids Walk.​

Alejandro “Alex Power Ranger” Plascencia – 6 year old

Alejandro was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2017. He had been going into the ER for continuous bone pain but was sent home with beliefs of it being growing pains children normally experience. After going back and forth it was settled when he was transferred to Loma Linda Children Hospital. After being there for 2 weeks the whole idea settled and Alejandro has always kept strong. Once in a while, the side effects of treatment throw him off but he stays strong and always remains with a smile. Alejandro has gone from doing chemotherapy once a week to monthly, now in remission.

Alejandro enjoys spending time with his family and playing outside even when he knows it’ll cause him leg pain. He is a six year old that loves to play. Alejandro understands that he needs to keep getting treatment in order to get better. Alejandro loves superheroes like any other child his age.

He has remained tough and strong. He will be promoting from Kindergarten to 1st Grade, and is so excited to have gone back to school. When he was diagnosed he was in PreK and had to stop attending school, so being able to come back to school has been amazing for him.

Alejandro went back into the hospital in February 2019 with fevers - thankfully everything was good, it was just a virus that he was able to get out of his system. Since then he has been in great health.