Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Honoree

elijah armendariz

Wilms Tumor


It was Mother’s Day weekend 2021, Elijah was 2 1/2 years old. We thought he had appendicitis. He had all the symptoms (Vomiting, Fever, No appetite, Pain on his right side of belly) We took him to the ER, It in fact was not appendicitis, They found a 7CM tumor on his left kidney. We where transported to Valley Childrens in Madera CA. The next day, he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (Kidney Cancer) 2 days after our arrival he went into surgery to have his left kidney and the tumor removed. He went through 3 months of weekly chemotherapy & 3 months of biweekly chemotherapy. This was extremely hard on our entire family, but we are so thankful for our support system. Our family helped us care for our other children while we took care of Elijah. He is now 8 months in remission. He now refuses to cut his hair, He was bald 9 months ago! He loves to ride his scooter, Play soccer and he is able to be a normal little boy! 

-Dellia Armendariz, mother

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