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jelien ramos

B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


On December 5th, 2015 at 41wks & 3 days, Jelien Sirenma Ramos was born. On January 24th 2019, Jelien was battling an ear infection & fever for the past 3 days. She was taking antibiotics & alternating Tylenol & Motrin & nothing was working. Jelien was taken to the pediatrician when she notice spots all over her legs & feet called petechiae.

The Pediatrician wasted no time and as she’s telling me for me to take her to the ER, her nose began bleeding profusely. Her pediatrician tried ti controlled it & was unsuccessful. She then said something is wrong with her platelets & she needs to be seen in the ER in Westchesters Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, NOW!

Of course, it was dismissal time & having 6 older children in different schools it became a nightmare. I had to call my husband at work, track down my 2 oldest ones so they can be home for the 2 youngest school kids at the time. I had to take my 3rd oldest to help me during the car drive as Jelien kept bleeding from her nose & crying.

As soon as we get to the ER, I was rushed in with her as she looked lifeless. Her skin was pale, under her eyes looked dark, nose bleeding, burning up in fever & dehydrated. They rushed to get her IV in, but they had set backs as her veins are small as can be and being dehydrated made it difficult. As that’s going on, I’m slapped with “she needs a blood transfusion NOW! Sign these papers!!” My mind is racing, husband isn’t here yet & I have to decide what to do without my support. I wanted my blood instead and was explained that it can’t be done but assured me that the blood given to her goes thru a thorough process before being given. This was all before her labs were even back but due to her symptoms they knew they needed to act fast. One of the attendants said, that her symptoms were indications of either aplastic anemia or leukemia. My eyes widen of fear when I heard this & called my Husband & Mom to rush over as I needed them.

On January 25th Jelien was scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy. Then on January 27th after arriving 2 days in the ER as I was holding Jelien in my arms, we got the devastating news that no parent wishes to hear.

Jelien was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) & treatment began.

Jelien is now a Cancer Survivor. To get to this she had to endure the different phases of her treatment, induction, consolidation, interim maintenance I, delayed intensification, and interim maintenance II & maintenance.

Despite everything Jelien has endured, our family considers ourselves fortunate. Even though Jelien walked through hell, she is still with us. Stronger. Still alive.  Her biggest wish is to be a Pediatric Oncologist.
Jelien along side the family as done several projects as we are teaching her the many ways of giving back. We consider Jelien as an advocate for Childhood Cancer. She’s hosted a toy, toiletries, recycling can & cookie drive for the Office that still looks after her & the Hospital Maria Fareri. She’s also done online fundraisers for NEGU, JZips & Gold Together Relay for Life of Rockland County. Along with the Village of Haverstraw Town Supervisor Howard Phillips Proclaimed that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Currently, she’s hoisting a bandaid drive for both the Office & Hospital as well as a shirt sale in partners with North Rockland Central School District for FRIENDS OF KAREN an organization that helped our family as well as other families in our area.

On July 16th, Jelien was crowned the Puertorrican & Colombian Queen. She used the stage to spread Childhood Cancer awareness & will use her platform to continue spreading & lifting their voices as these kids deserve so much more when it comes to fundings.

-Edison Ramos, father

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