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Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California (CCFSoCal) currently provides services to families throughout Southern California who are registered with CCFSoCal. The organization works in partnership with local Social Workers to meet the needs of families within our area of service. 


Below is all the information necessary to register a family with our program and additional information on our Family Assistance Program and Referral Process. 


If you have additional questions, or have a need for a family outside of our listed services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Families must complete a FAMILY INFORMATION SHEET in order to be registered with CCFSoCal.

Family Information Sheet can be downloaded, completed and returned via mail, email or fax OR it can be submitted online. 

Requirement for registration: Must have a child, ages birth through 18 years, diagnosed with cancer. Family must reside in Southern California.


The below listed programs are available to registered families through Social Worker Referral.

Assistance Programs Available:

Transportation Assistance

CCF works with the referred family to provide the best option of assistance through our Transportation Assistance Program. Assistance provided will be either: Referral to the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery Transportation Program, Gas Voucher, or Uber/Lyft Transport to appointments. Transportation assistance is to be used ONLY for cancer related treatments/appointments

Grocery Store Voucher

$50 Grocery Store gift card provided to families for shopping use at various local grocery stores.

LLUMC Meal Voucher

Meal Voucher that can be redeemed at any LLUMC Cafeteria in exchange for meal items. Value of each voucher is $7, requesting family will be provided 3 vouchers (Valued at $21 total). Any excess in expense over $7 per voucher is the responsibility of the recipient.

Grocery Bag Pick-Up

Grocery bags are distributed by CCFSC bi-weekly from our office located in Loma Linda, CA. Families can be referred to be added to our notification system to be notified of grocery bag availability/pick-up. Grocery bags typically include: dry goods (cereal, rice, oats, etc), fresh produce, canned goods, meats/poultry, paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc). Families referred to the program receive a text message notification and/or email notifying them of availability of grocery bag pick-up.

Thrift Store Shopping Voucher

Gift cards and/or shopping vouchers are available for the "A Lot of Good" Thrift Store in Upland, CA. If family has a need for items for the home, clothing, etc. the need can be met with a shopping voucher. Value of the voucher varies based on the size of the requesting family and the associated need.

Bereavement Assistance

A financial contribution made directly to the Mortuary/Funeral Home to help in the financial cost of funeral arrangements. Check will be made payable only to the Mortuary/Funeral Home. Assistance is only made available to aid with the expenses directly associated with funeral expenses.

Temporary Housing

The “Doug-Out” is a two-bedroom house in Loma Linda, CA that provides a home for parents to stay while their child is receiving treatment at no cost to them. A caretaker, who lives behind the Doug-Out, is available at all times in order to provide the best hospitality possible for current house guests. More information below.

Please note: Financial assistance provided by CCFSC is for emergency assistance only. At this time, financial assistance cannot be provided on a recurrent basis.


In an effort to provide the best assistance to our families we have set forth the following guidelines pertaining to the Family Assistance Program.

  1. The Family Assistance Request Form is to be completed by the social worker (only). CCFSC requests that the family is not told that we can offer assistance prior to approval. The completed Request Form can be submitted via email, fax or online.
  1. Prior to determination of eligibility CCFSC will only receive calls to verify registration of family with CCFSC. Pending assistance will not be discussed until Request Form has been received and reviewed to determine eligibility. Eligibility for assistance is not guaranteed if requesting family has not received assistance within the last 3 months. Eligibility will be determined by the Executive Director after review of Family Assistance Request Form based primarily on availability.
  1. There will be a 2 – 4 business day assessment period to review Family Assistance Request Form and determine eligibility. If Family Assistance Request Form is received after office hours, the Family Assistance Form will be reviewed within 2 – 4 business days after the following business day.
  1. Requesting family will be notified by CCFSC directly if assistance is approved. Please provide a current phone number on the Family Assistance Request Form where the requesting family may be reached.
  1. Vouchers must be picked up by the requesting family or they may be delivered to the local hospital/treatment facility. Vouchers will not be sent via mail.
  1. Doug-out Referral Form is to be completed by the social worker (only). The Doug-Out is for use by a family that has a child with cancer. Availability is determined by need of the family and distance traveled. Space is very limited, a family may be asked to find other accommodation if another family is determined to have greater need, however, that is a rare occurrence. CCFSC will determine if space is available and will have the caretaker contact the family to make arrangements for Doug-out orientation & check-in.

family assistance REQUEST FORM

Family Assistance Request Form must be submitted by Social Worker to CCFSC for review. Form can be downloaded, completed and submitted via email or fax. Or you can submit the request online. 


Please complete this form to request:

  • Grocery Store Voucher
  • LLUMC Meal Voucher
  • Grocery Bag Pick-Up
  • Thrift Store Shopping Voucher
  • Bereavement Assistance


There will be a 2 – 4 business day assessment period to review the submitted form and determine eligibility and availability of assistance. 

transportation assistance REQUEST FORM

Transportation Assistance Request Form must be submitted by a  Social Worker to CCFSC for review. Form can be downloaded, completed and submitted via email or fax. Or you can submit the request online. 

There will be a 2 – 4 business day assessment period to review the submitted form and determine eligibility and availability of assistance. 

temporary housing

The “Doug-Out” is a two-bedroom home in Loma Linda, CA available to families registered with CCFSC at no cost to them. Please review the linked documents to learn more about the Guidelines and Referral process. 


Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions. If the family has a need outside of our service area, let us know. We will do our best to meet the need or connect the family to other resources that might be available to them.


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