Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California hosts several events throughout the year.

Childhood Cancer Foundation of So Cal hosts several Family events that provide emotional and social support to families. Events include: Christmas Celebration, Summer Picnic, Pumpkin Patch Party, Spring Egg Hunt, Family Camp, and Candle Lighting Ceremonies. Family events are private events available to registered Childhood Cancer Foundation families.

Teen Connection Events are open to teen patients and survivors ages 14 – 18 years old who’ve registered with the Teen Connection program. This program provides ample opportunities for teens diagnosed with cancer to meet with youth and adult facilitators to enjoy life as a teen, socialize, share experiences and receive peer support.

Members of our community are invited to show their support of our program and the many families we serve through their participation in our fundraisers and community awareness events. It is through the power of community that we are able to provide the services we do to the families we serve.


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