Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Honoree​

everly ables

Astro glioma


Everly was diagnosed at the young age of 15 months with a low grade Astro glioma located in cervical spine. Around 6 months old is when we started noticing signs that something was going on. Everly would get upset and have fits where she would tug on her left arm, this progressively got worse over time. 

Around 11 months old we noticed that she was no longer using her left arm and began testing and physical therapy. In January of 2020 she had an MRI that showed us the answer to all that was happening. The same day we had received the news we were admitted to the hospital. 

During our stay she underwent a major spinal cord surgery to biopsy the tumor. Everly was so strong and did amazing through surgery and recovery. About a month later she got her port put in and treatment began. She did 14 months of chemotherapy. During this time our family rallied around Everly and our family. It was the hardest watching your sweet baby have to fight with all that she had! 

Let me tell you, Everly is stronger than any little girl I know! We are lucky to say that we are done with the treatment and she is doing well! Although the tumor is still present (due to its location), we are monitoring and Everly is thriving! We are forever grateful to see Everly making growth and succeeding in all that she is doing.

-Brooke Ables, mother

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